Buy Custom Frames Online: Frame Sample 5364

Frame 5364 Description

This frame features a beautiful warm finish and a popular asymmetrical corner. Handcrafted from one of our most popular three-inch mouldings, this frame is gilded in aluminum and rubbed through to a deep red undercoat. The entire frame is then antiqued to a warm burnt umber. The ornaments are carved around by hand and the longer sides (approximately 8") drape down the longer sides of your frame. The lip is hand carved and the corners are rounded to create a perfect accent to your piece.

Sample 5364 by Frames by Edward Wright

Frame 5364 Pricing

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Frame 5364 Specifications

  • Moulding: SS
  • Width: 2.75"
  • Ornament (compo): 671
  • Carve along length: ss lip
  • Corner: spline
  • Leaf: aluminum
  • Rabbet Lip Width: 1/4"
  • Rabbet Depth: 5/8"

How To Measure Your Artwork for Framing

Measure the length and height of the outer edge of your artwork, including mat if there is one.

Measure all four sides to make sure your artwork is square. If your artwork is not square, be sure to order a frame with a rabbet lip wide enough to cover the difference.

Enter your measurement in inches. For instance, if your frame measures 2'2" x 3'4", enter 26" x 40".

If you have any questions or concerns about your measurements, take your artwork to a professional framer to have it measured. Correct measurements are critical to building your frame. We are not responsible for frames which do not fit because the artwork was improperly measured

We will take the measurements provided by you, and cut the moulding's inside corners at the rabbet to these measurements.

We add a standard 1/8" allowance to each measurement for ease of mounting. For instance, if your order specifies 26" x 40", your frame will actually be cut at 26 1/8" x 40 1/8". Take this into consideration when measuring your frame. If you need your frame to be cut to an exact size with no allowance, be sure to indicate this by adding a note to your order.

How Frame Price is Calculated

Frames by Edward Wright pricing combines two charges:

We add the per foot charge and the corner charge to determine the total cost of your frame, as follows:

(frame feet x per foot price) + corner price

What does frame feet mean? Frame feet is a precise calculation based on the following measurements:

The height and length, measured from your artwork, are the inner measurement of the frame. The outer measurement, or total frame feet, is calculated with this equation:

((Height + Length)*2 + MouldWidth*8)/12

How is the crating and shipping price calculated?

Crating and shipping prices are determined by size: