Team of Frame-Crafting Artisans

Founded in 1973, Frames by Edward Wright is a small wholesale framemaking business located in the old Eno Cotton Mill on the Eno River in historic Hillsborough, North Carolina. Our small team creates each frame to order from start to finish in our workshop in contrast to the 'factory-finishing' of some of our competitors. Each artisan is an expert in every aspect of our framemaking process and creates your order individually as a unique work of art in itself. Each artisan takes pride in their work and signs the back of each frame they create. The team is dedicated to providing services and products that are unique from others in the industry. Our small size allows us to individualize the experience and take pride in every single frame that we produce. We look forward to working with you!

Our team of artisans bring their craftsmanship and artistic talent to every hand-crafted frame.

Edward Wright, owner, began his business creating fine handcrafted picture frames in 1973. Edward has studied frame-making in Italy and attended the Isabel O'Neil School to study the art of the painted finish. Edward sees the future of Frames by Edward Wright in promoting framing as an art form.
Jim Cutrara, Master Woodworker, spent many years developing his skills as a custom woodworker before joining our team. Jim enjoys experimenting with a 3D computerized carving tool manufactured by Shopbot .
Allison, artisan, has studied framemaking with her father, Edward since childhood. A friend to all, she enjoys helping the team craft small mirror frames.

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